The most appropriate valuation method is chosen according to type and location of the property and aim of the valuation. The advantages, disadvantages and also structural and physical specifications of the property are considered.

Building Survey

Building Survey is the one of the most preferred transactions for the buildings. It is also called as structural survey and provides comprehensive information about the building. The surveyors normally investigate every component of the building as detailed and provide professional advises about the structure of the building.

Condition Survey

Condition survey is quite similar to Building Survey. It identifies any major problem with the property’s condition and highlights damaged areas, which need further investigations.

Home Buyer Survey

Home buyer survey is similar to the condition survey. However, it includes valuation of the property. The valuation section for the home buyer report is the only difference which separates from the condition survey.

Management Consultancy

We provide independent and impartial advice in all business and real estate lifecycle. We identify and implement business solutions for real estate problems. To determine strategy for any organisation where real estate has a significant part of their business, is other point in our management consultancy services.

We provide advice for building and planning with our consultancy skills to implement these for property or general business.

Property Asset Management

Property asset management is the process which covers business and property asset strategies ensuring the optimisation of an organisation’s property asset in a way that best supports business aims and objectives. We help individual owners and institutions to maximize returns on real estate investments with the supporting value-added programs and improved management skills and operating the financial and operational goals.

Wealth Management

Small business owners and families; who need an assistance of advisory on real estate investment or wealth, are benefit from this service. We provide an independent and professional advice on the real estate investment plans, advantages or disadvantages about selling or buying real estates, financial solutions on properties, advising about the maximizing the value. We plan as together the portfolio that best fits you for a long term and your future.

Legal Services and Witness

We provide professional services for lawyers and courts. For any type of property case or property subject and case we provide professional, objective and independent property valuation reports and give witness to the courts.